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Zprostředkování práce v USA s (do 27.9.2017)


8.7.2019: Our new destination is....AUSTRALIA! New partnership with 🧡 ➡️ ⬅️
2.7.2019: Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦
28.4.2019: Our part of team, Magdalena and Adriana, are in Canada! Hi, hello from Banff 🇨🇦 with our clients. #Canada #banff…
26.2.2019: Awarding to the best Czech student Zbynek Gazdik! #bestinenglish #BIE #czechstudent #poweredbyczechus
24.1.2019: The Best In English contest is a truly European online English language competition, open to all secondary schools…
21.1.2019: Today is the first round of invitations of Working Holiday visa for the Czech republic! So good luck everyone 🤞…
4.1.2019: The pool for Working Holiday Canada is open. Come to Canada with our program. Enjoy Canada with working holiday pro…
15.11.2018: New address for office in BRNO. From 1st December you can find us on Vlhká 194/25. See you soon there!
11.11.2018: Job fair Canada in Prague for 2018 is done. Thank you guys.
24.10.2018: Greeting from education exhibition, the Go->Global fair in Prague. Thankx to all partners!
6.10.2018: Czech us and Injoy teambuilding. #poweredbyczechus #greeting #team #family
25.9.2018: The competition Best in English will take place on 30th of November 2018. You can register your school right now on…
6.9.2018: Follow our lifeguarding team on Instagram. Registration for summer 2019 in USA is open!
3.8.2018: Summer greeting from Prague. #summer #prague #czechus #sunset
18.6.2018: ESS in Prague is really International. Check out this graph so you can see who will you share the course with and w…
31.5.2018: We kindly invite you to our second of one-of-a-kind education exhibition, the Go->Global fair, that is to be held i…
28.5.2018: Become our Brand Ambassador and promote our courses and get paid for it. #ESS #Prague…
14.5.2018: 🇺🇸 American Red Cross - 7th group of lifeguards is ready for summer in the USA. #poweredbyczechus #lifeguards…
6.5.2018: Activity schedule for European Summer School Prague was updated. For every day there is some fun prepared for you.…
11.4.2018: 🇺🇸 American Red Cross - 6th group of lifeguards is ready for summer in the USA. #poweredbyczechus #lifeguards…
30.3.2018: 🇺🇸 American Red Cross - 5th group of lifeguards is ready for summer in the USA. #poweredbyczechus #lifeguards…
15.3.2018: 🇺🇸 American Red Cross - 4th group of lifeguards is ready for summer in the USA. #poweredbyczechus #lifeguards…
26.2.2018: 🇺🇸 American Red Cross - third group of lifeguards is ready for summer in the USA. #poweredbyczechus #lifeguards…
8.2.2018: 🇺🇸 American Red Cross - second group of lifeguards is ready for summer in the USA. #poweredbyczechus #lifeguards…
22.1.2018: 🇺🇸 American Red Cross - first group of lifeguards is ready for summer in the USA. #poweredbyczechus #lifeguards…
23.12.2017: All the best!
20.12.2017: Dont wait any longer and serve yourself a Christmas present. Early bird fee lowered by 100 EUR till end of the year…
28.11.2017: Rainy day? Don´t worry. Our corporate gifts are ready :-) Have a nice day and keep smiling! #umbrella #czechus #blue
23.10.2017: Go Global is done. Thank you guys for your participation and great two days in Prague. #poweredbyczechus…
14.10.2017: Our senior brand ambassadors for year 2017/2018. Good luck guys!
3.10.2017: New member of our team :-) Lifeguard on Prague sport games! We enjoyed it too much.
16.9.2017: Join our team next saturday in Prague on unique sports festival for the general public >>
8.9.2017: TERIBEAR moves Prague. Join our team and help disadvantaged children.
5.9.2017: Competition Best is English is coming soon. Don´t hesitate with registration.
12.8.2017: We kindly invite you to one-of-a-kind education exhibition, the Go->Global fair, that is to be held in Prague.
18.5.2017: Registration deadline for European Summer School is set on 31/05. Do not miss the opportunity to join our courses.
25.3.2017: We are looking for lecturers of several courses for European Summer School Prague. #summer2017 #lecturerswanted #ess
5.3.2017: Greetings from our team from "Za Hranice". Our new fair for work and study programs abroad. First year was successf…
26.2.2017: Jois us for upcoming webinar. 27/03 from 4 P.M. European summer school live! #ess #summer2017 #prague
20.2.2017: New issue of Brainstorm magazine is done. #worldtour2017 #travelwithus #czechus
31.1.2017: We would like to introduce you winners of competitions. Beatrice won Best in Deutsch and Milan won Best in English…
24.1.2017: First lifeguard course for summer 2017 is done. Thank you guys! #wat #usa #lifeguard #summer2017 #czechus
31.12.2016: May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family. Happy New Year 2017! #czechus #staywithus #PF2017
21.12.2016: Best In English contest means 15 107 students, 683 schools, and 28 countries participated. You can find results on
15.12.2016: Greetings from our Christmas party! Cheers :-)
7.11.2016: Join us for tomorrow party at Radlická sportovní klubovna. #americanparty #election #havefun #weareready
3.11.2016: Here we are :-) #gaudeamus #brno #czechus #studyabroad
10.10.2016: Not everybody is excited about a gap year..But you should be :) Check out and choose your o…
28.9.2016: October is a #happy month at our agency. Our clients, who want to work in #london, can pay us all fees 90 day later!
27.9.2016: We have some new #job opportunities in our company in #prague. Do you want to join out #team? Send us your #CV
19.5.2016: We would like to invite you to fair trade #study and #work #abroad "Víme 2016" in Prague ad Brno. #fairtrade #prague
12.5.2016: European Summer School 2016 is coming soon and we´ve made the last changes in the program. #ess #summerschool
3.5.2016: Did you forget to sign up for the summer school in Denmark? We have good news for you! We extended it till 13.5.!
30.4.2016: Thinking about starting your own business? Course "Let´s start a business" at European Summer School will help you!
27.4.2016: New #job opportunity in our #Prague office: Junior Sales Manager. Are you extrovert interested in sales? Let us know
25.4.2016: Online webinar about European Summer School 2016 is already tomorrow at 5 PM. Join us for free #ESS16 #webinar
23.4.2016: Happy #StGeorgesDay!
22.4.2016: Useful article ;) #studyabrod #london #wheretoeat
21.4.2016: The Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 today! Happy birthday! #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty #GodSaveTheQueen #Queenat90
19.4.2016: Are there some Canadian Beer Lovers? :)
19.4.2016: New #job offer: Project Manager of international competition Best in English (Prague) #projectmanager #Prague
18.4.2016: #truestory
16.4.2016: For those who are in London and have no plans for this weekend. Have fun! #london #royalramble #weekend
14.4.2016: #CzechRepublic or #Czechia? What do you think? #newname
14.4.2016: New series about European Summer School: Diary of our student Lenka. Read more about #dayone at #summerschool #diary
9.4.2016: Summer in the #USA is calling! The last chance to sign up! #lifeguard #workandtravel #summer
8.4.2016: Summer schools lead to better chance of top university place, says study Join #ESS16 in #Prague or #Split with us
2.4.2016: Introducing Online Marketing Challenge course at #ESS16
2.4.2016: Internet security is a hot topic. Learn from the top experts and protect your business against modern attacks #ESS16
1.4.2016: Do you have your own websites and need to gain more knowledge about web development? See our courses #ess16
28.3.2016: Happy Easter! :) #happy #easter #eggs #minions
22.3.2016: Register yourself on the webinar European Summer School.
28.2.2016: You can expect the public version of the #Best in English test early next week. #BIE2016
17.2.2016: Join us for free of charge webinar. We answer all your questions on-line. #ESS2016
2.2.2016: The summary of countries for the Contest Best In English: CZ: 266 schools, SK: 160 schools, EU: 135 schools - 18 countries. It is amazing!
25.1.2016: Courses for this year are prepared. Which is the right one for you? #ESS #Prague #Split
6.11.2015: Greetings from #Brno. #Gaudeamus 2015 #Dinner #CzechUsTeam
29.10.2015: Get a job in the Canadian Rockies at the JobFair in Prague, 12-13 December 2015!
16.10.2015: Program #Canada is opened for next year. Sign up. #WorkingHoliday
8.10.2015: We are looking for competent people who will help us with the development of our agency. Join us!
1.10.2015: Program Work and Travel USA for summer 2016 is opened. #WaT #USA #summer2016
21.9.2015: We look forward to meeting with you in Brno at #Gaudeamus higher education fair, 3-6 November 2015.
7.9.2015: Apply for one of the courses starting in February 2016! Find all information here #study #Denmark #don´twait
30.8.2015: The European Summer School is over. Look forward to next year. Thank you to all participants. #ESS #Split
22.7.2015: Today! Live webinar European Summer School Live!
16.4.2015: Podpořte naši novou facebook stránku a dejte jí svůj "like". Studium v zahraničí volá >> #Dánsko #Holandsko #Anglie
6.4.2015: Happy #Easter to you and your family!
6.4.2015: Vylíhněte se! Jděte na a do 5 sekund se dozvíte, kam do zahraničí právě Vy pojedete! Veselé Velikonoce!
26.3.2015: The first round of applications for the program Study in Denmark is now finished. We currently offer university studies in the Netherlands.
20.3.2015: Looking for something exciting this summer? With us you’ll definitely have a great time. That‘s a promise!
2.3.2015: #English course and great time at the real #ranch in #Canada? You bet!
26.2.2015: How does it feel to live and work in #London? Check out this video
3.2.2015: Do you want to REALLY good in #english? On that we anwer #iloveilac! Try our new work and study program
2.2.2015: Are you teaching #english and you´re tired of czech kids? try it in #Canada with @FootprintsJobs!
30.1.2015: Infomeeting o studiu v #Dánsko a #Holandsko! See you at 3 PM na hangoutu!
28.1.2015: Cestovat po světě má řadu výhod. Zejména že příbuzných se zbavíte kliknutím na tlačítko "ukončit hovor" na Skype.
27.1.2015: #Gaudeamus - jde vidět, že se státní správa poučila a chce řešit budoucí problémy českých studentů už dnes!
22.1.2015: Máme pro Vás brigádičku - hledáme promotéry na #Gaudeamus v Praze. Máte zájem? Napište na
22.1.2015: Newest czech #topuniversity ranking at
21.1.2015: How works #education in #Denmark? Read the article!
19.1.2015: Curious about #NewZealand? Come and get known about it at our event in #Brno and #Praha!
13.1.2015: Jestli uvažujete o #vš v Británii, mohlo by vás zajímat, kde berou absolventi nejvíc. #studyabroad
10.1.2015: #Toronto #minimalwage is 10,25 CAD per hour. Pretty good compared to local 3 #CAD :)
9.1.2015: Great success for all young #czech businessmans @socialbakers #30Under30
7.1.2015: Jaké to je studovat v #Holandsko? #Blog Vojty Urbana na #studiumvzahranici #studyabroad #SAXION
3.1.2015: How to apply for study in #Denmark? Find it out here!
1.1.2015: Pro rok 2015 pro vás máme jasnou zprávu: STUDUJTE - PRACUJTE - CESTUJTE - BAVTE SE - ŽIJTE!
29.12.2014: How #StudyinDenmark looks like? Watch the #video! YouTube
26.12.2014: Hey, if you´re going to #WaT, don´t forget to pack a camera or two! YouTube
26.12.2014: Yay! First snow here in Prague was gone as quick as it came. And meanwhile in #Canada...
26.12.2014: Paráda, zasněžilo a zase to zmizelo... a mezitím in #Canada
24.12.2014: Šťastné a veselé! :) #PF2015 YouTube
19.12.2014: That´s how #WaT summer looks like!
16.12.2014: It´s time to consider sending people to universe too along with #WaT and #languagecourses
15.12.2014: That´s how we train #lifeguards in #Czechus - YouTube
11.12.2014: #Timelapse from #Banff National Park. Would you like to #work here?
9.12.2014: RT @stephenlclarke ".@delvingintoDK Denmark is the 4th most prosperous country according to our research!"...
9.12.2014: Yeah, great #airplane joke...
9.12.2014: O víkendu proběhl senzační Jobfair. Díky všem za účast, moc jsme si to užili!
7.12.2014: #Denmark is a 3rd best country to #study# in!
3.12.2014: When should you buy #airticket?
3.12.2014: Learn english with #BBC!
2.12.2014: Last #Call for #Google Hangout registration! Are you interested in #studyabroad? Then this is for you!
1.12.2014: Lukas #Kerhart lecture about life in #Canada. CZ lang - YouTube
29.11.2014: Travel #Canada!
27.11.2014: One of the resorts you can work in with our #agency in #Canada!
25.11.2014: How #Denmark solves it birth rate problems :)
20.11.2014: Looking for the cheapest #airticket? Find it on
12.11.2014: Best short movies and blogs from Work and Travel #USA 2014!
11.11.2014: Začátky jsou vždycky těžké. S naším blogem budou na Novém Zélandu jednodušší.
10.11.2014: So... guess from which tower is this pic taken... #Canda #Toronto
5.11.2014: One of our #lifeguard ´s article about his #WaT summer. Czech language
4.11.2014: Sabina just started her #presentation about #studyabroad us at #Gaudeamus fair in #Brno !
4.11.2014: Jsme na Gaudeamu. Navštivte nás na stánku 103. Dnes je tu s námi i Vendula z Fontys University z Holandska. Těšíme se na Vás!...
29.10.2014: Czech-us Statistics 2013/2014. Big thanks to all clients!
27.10.2014: Facebook stránka naší klientky z UK.
25.10.2014: We are moving to the new venue!
24.10.2014: 36 % of Americans would rather give up the #chocolate than being #offline. That might say a lot about them :)
23.10.2014: #London language course. One #week for #free plus you can take your friend with you!
23.10.2014: Czech missionare Vaclav Maly about communities in Canada... CZ
21.10.2014: Dnešní odpoledne v Brně. Diky moc za účast, moc jsme si to užili :) Co Praha,trumfneme to zitra?
21.10.2014: Brand new #airticket from Brno to London from 1 370 CZK. Do you want one? Let us know!
20.10.2014: Už zítra pořádáme v #Brně #kanadskéodpoledne. Zajímá Vás cokoliv o této krásné zemi? Přijďte se nás zeptat!
19.10.2014: Kanadske odpoledne - unique event - afternoon full of Canada Life!
18.10.2014: Now it´s clear - learning another #language can save your life! Czech language
17.10.2014: For students willing to go to #Denmark, this #video will be worth your 3 minutes!
17.10.2014: Watch your things when #travelling. In case of #emergency, compose a song :)
17.10.2014: Canadian #roadtrip in two minutest. Definetly worth watching
13.10.2014: When is the best time to buy #airticket?
13.10.2014: A picture from #Canada... do not hesitate and come with us to #WorkandTravel
8.10.2014: Another #video about #WorkingHoliday with Tim Wells
8.10.2014: Mezi 9 a 11 hodinou budou naše stránky částečne nedostupne z důvodu údržby. Děkujeme za pochopeni.
8.10.2014: Are you going to #WaT2015? Then you might consider buying this!
7.10.2014: Introducing #Canada in this video with #INTERNeX agency owner Tim Wells
3.10.2014: Training new regional representatives for 2014/2015 season!
1.10.2014: Great #video about one of our clients studying in #Denmark
1.10.2014: Why I decided to leave the Czech republic?
29.9.2014: Working Holiday #Canada - Jasper - watch #Czechus video!
23.9.2014: Young people with Erasmus experience are more successfull in real life
22.9.2014: A lot of stories told in one #picture. One of our #lifeguard work...
20.9.2014: Enroll in Denmark university NOW
16.9.2014: Inspirující blog nadšeného cestovatelského páru. Doporučujeme přečíst :)
16.9.2014: RT @HopeBEd Fotka z letadla nad Novým Zélandem. Chcete ho poznat s námi?
15.9.2014: Looking for sales representatives for new season #hiring.
14.9.2014: Děkujeme Lucko za e-mail! Všechny nás potěšil a motivoval k ještě lepším službám v další sezóně.
8.9.2014: New testimonial on Facebook - Studium a práce v Kanadě
5.9.2014: What the best education systems are doing right
30.8.2014: Czech student are not satisfied by the level of education
28.8.2014: Koukněte se na náš Instagram a podpořte svého favorita v soutěži o nejlepší fotku v červené mikině Czech-us
25.8.2014: Interesting event - study in the Czech Republic or abroad?
21.8.2014: Petr Cech to study Sport Management in Denmark. What about you?
21.8.2014: Make a photo in Czech-us or Injoy hoodie and win!
20.8.2014: One of the biggest regrets from students at the end of their study abroad period is that they didn’t see and do more.
12.8.2014: Our client Ondra is looking for a right person to company he works for.
10.8.2014: Rent a car via Czech-us website
8.8.2014: Language course in Ireland for a superb price
8.8.2014: Sportovní teambuilding Czech-us
7.8.2014: V pátek 8. 8. jsou naše kanceláře zavřené z důvodu teambuildingu na Šumavě. Potřebujeme pořádně nabrat síly, abychom vám v nové sezóně...
5.8.2014: Study at Saxion University of Applied Science
3.8.2014: Study in Holland for future
1.8.2014: Follow us on Instagram
27.7.2014: Travel in USA guide
23.7.2014: How to rent a car in USA?
21.7.2014: How to guide for US roads.
19.7.2014: Big "Life in Canada" guide
19.7.2014: Interesting project of our students in Denmark
16.7.2014: US Survival Guide written by our specialists.
14.7.2014: Summer school in Denmark blog
13.7.2014: Best video and blog from the USA - chance to win interesting prices
11.7.2014: Exactly!


20.12.2018: Czech-us PF 2019

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