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9.10.2018: Pavel Haas Quartet and @BorisGiltburg performed such a wonderful concert yesterday at @TheRudolfinum, Dvorak Hall,…
5.10.2018: ★JUST RELEASED★ W. A. Mozart - Sinfonia Concertante / Radek Baborák, Baborák Ensemble► Nat…
7.9.2018: Find out more about our release plans for this autumn🎼📯🎶🎻🎶 ►►► #classical #NewRelease
31.8.2018: Congratulations to Pavel Haas Quartet on yet another #gramoawards! This time for album Antonín Dvořák - Quintets Op…
10.7.2018: Download new issue of Vivace aka classical music review in Supraphon recordings! 🗞🎶✍ ►…
22.6.2018: ★JUST RELEASED★ Jan Bartoš / Ludwig van Beethoven - Piano sonatas > This is not "another Beethoven". This is fascin…
20.4.2018: ★JUST RELEASED★ Ivan Moravec - Concertos (Grieg, Ravel, Prokofjev) ► Antonin Dvorak - Moravi…
16.4.2018: Remembering Milan Škampa, renowned violist and longstanding member of Smetana Quartet who passed away this weekend.😢
23.3.2018: A nice review for Dagmar Pecková from @guardian ► Listen or download the reviewed album he…
16.3.2018: ★JUST RELEASED★ Gustav Mahler - Das Lied von der Erde / Dagmar Pecková, Richard Samek, Schoenberg Chamber Orchestra…
16.2.2018: ★JUST RELEASED★ #NewRelease #NewReleases #ClassicalMusic
7.2.2018: Martinů Voices choir master Lukáš Vasilek greets you from Supraphon with new album @martinuofficial - Madrigals! :)…
25.1.2018: Oboist Vilém Veverka greets you from @SupraphonCZ balcony with newly released album Jan Dismas Zelenka - Trio sonat…
3.1.2018: 2017 with @SupraphonCZ! Which one is your favourite? #ClassicalMusic #NewRelease
8.12.2017: Dvořák: Quintets Op. 81 & 97 is among @PrestoClassical Top 10 albums of 2017. Congratulations to Pavel Haas Quartet…
24.11.2017: Learn more about beautiful new #PavelHaasQuartet recording with @BorisGiltburg & Pavel Nikl in our interview ►…
16.11.2017: ★JUST RELEASED★ Martinů- Bouquet of Flowers / Novák - Philharmonic Dances ► #ClassicalMusic…
29.10.2017: Don Giovanni - one of the most performed operas worldwide celebrates its 230th premiere anniversary today!
16.10.2017: Dvořák: Quintets Op 81 & 97 CD review – a breathtaking excursion! #pavelhaasquartet #newrelease #classicalmusic
11.9.2017: Greetings from Pavel Haas Quartet with upcoming new album of @AntoninDvoraks quintets! #ClassicalMusic #NewRelease
30.8.2017: Jan Bartos sends his greetings to all @SupraphonCZ fans with his brand new album Mozart - Piano Concertos! :)…
28.8.2017: Martinu Quartet member Jitka Vlašánková greets you from @SupraphonCZ balcony with recently released album Petr Eben…
1.8.2017: Discover more about talented @belfiato and its upcoming @SupraphonCZ debut album ► #ClassicalMusic #NewRelease
21.7.2017: Thanks to @guardian for such a strong review of Josef Suk Piano Quartet new album ► #ClassicalMusic #NewRelease
13.7.2017: Brand new edition of our classical music review Vivace is here ► #newreleases #ClassicalMusic
30.6.2017: Today is 295th birth anniversary of coveted composer, violinist and Kapellmeister of the classical period Jiří Anto…
23.6.2017: #ClassicalMusic #NewRelease-s for today by @SupraphonCZ! ;)
14.6.2017: Josef Suk Piano Quartet members Eva and Radim greets you from Supraphon with their upcoming album Dvořák & Suk - Pi…
13.6.2017: Supraphon balcony greetings from Martina Janková with her new album Prague - Vienna / Journey in Songs! ;)…
29.5.2017: #PavelHaasQuartet complete the first part of their upcoming album! Read more here ►
12.5.2017: Interview w/ @PavolBreslik about recently released album @AntoninDvoraks / Songs ► #newrelease #ClassicalMusic #cd
9.5.2017: All Smetana Trio members finally together with their well-deserved @MusicMagazine Award 2017! Congratulations again…
5.5.2017: Check few pics from yesterdays in-store concert of Katerina Englichova and Vilem Veverka during which they presente…
21.4.2017: Four brand #newrelease-s came out today!
19.4.2017: Aaand the @MusicMagazine Chamber Award 2017 goes to... Smetana Trio!! :) CONGRATULATIONS! !👏 #bbcmusicmagawards
7.4.2017: András Adorján recalls Jean-Pierre Rampal in our article about recently released album Jean-Pierre Rampal in Prague ►
16.3.2017: !
27.2.2017: Read more about our recent release of Czech Viola Sonatas performed by Kristina Fialová and Igor Ardašev ►
20.1.2017: Smetana Trio latest album @martinuofficial: Complete Piano Trios is nominated for @MusicMagazine Awards! Vote here►…
14.1.2017: Award-winning harpsichordist Zuzana Růžičková celebrates her 90th birthday today! We wish her all the best and especially good health!
16.12.2016: Interview with Prague Phiharmonic Choir chorusmaster Lukáš Vasilek about recently released @martinuofficial Cantatas►
30.10.2016: Do you want to be up-to-date regarding our classical music news? Subscribe to our newsletter via our website! ;)
21.10.2016: Tune in to our new release František Jiránek / Concertos / Sergio Azzolini, Xenia Löffler, Collegium Marianum ►
30.9.2016: Have a nice weekend with our new @SupraphonCZ classical news playlist ▶▶▶
26.9.2016: Greetings from @OrquestrinaB with his new album Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Horn Concertos & Quintet! Download ▶…
23.9.2016: ★JUST RELEASED★ Check our brand new website for more info!
11.9.2016: After hours of hard work and tuning we proudly present our brand new english website! Stay tuned...;)
24.8.2016: Check Tomas Netopil interview about @martinuofficial Ariane for @PrestoClassical ▶
23.8.2016: !!!
16.8.2016: Check our special @SupraphonCZ playlist on @Spotify ▶
18.7.2016: Schola Gregoriana Pragensis album Carolus IV. - Rex et Imperator is Recording of the Month on @MusicWebInt! Review▶▶
1.6.2016: Greetings from Tomáš Netopil with brand new recording of @martinuofficial - Ariane / Double Concerto!
6.4.2016: Congratulations to Pavel Haas Quartet on winning @MusicMagazine Chamber Category Award 2016! And many thanks for your votes! :)
19.2.2016: Schola Gregoriana Pragensis art director greets you from @SupraphonCZ balcony with Carolus IV. - Rex et imperator!
12.2.2016: On 19th February Schola Gregoriana Pragensis new album Carolus IV. - Rex et imperator will be released! Be prepared▶
3.12.2015: What a lovely review of Jiří Antonín Benda Sonatas, Sonatinas, Songs ▶
8.9.2015: Congratulations to Jakub Hrůša on his new position! ▶
3.9.2015: Read our interview with Martina Janková, Tomáš Král & Ivo Kahánek about new album Leoš Janáček​ / Moravian Folk Songs
27.7.2015: R.I.P., dear Ivan Moravec! We will miss you! :(
18.7.2015: One of our best nowadays conductors Tomáš Netopil celebrates his 40th birthday! Congratulations & all the best!
11.6.2015: Dvořák/Suk/Janáček Violin concertos performed by @SpacekViolin w/@CzechPhil is Recording of the Month at @MusicWebInt▶
27.5.2015: Working hard and greetings from Music Market Munich! :)
13.5.2015: Great review of Pavel Haas Quartet new album by @SundayTimesZA!
22.4.2015: Discover more about new album Sinful Women in our interview with Dagmar Pecková ▶
16.4.2015: This Friday is going to be very strong when it comes to our new releases! Which one is your favourite?
15.4.2015: Are you looking forward to this Friday at least the same as we are...? ;)
14.4.2015: Josef Špaček and Jiří Bělohlávek talking about new @SupraphonCZ album with @CzechPhil after six years ▶
3.4.2015: Dagmar Pecková on her new album Sinful Women ▶
27.3.2015: "Fascinating set, especially when played with such sensitivity and though" @Telegraph reviewing The Complete Quintets▶
20.3.2015: Vivat Tango by Ladislav Horák & Petr Nouzovský voted best violoncello album of 2014! Conratulations to all involved!
13.3.2015: Karel Ančerl and Ivan Moravec are on the shortlist of @GramophoneMag Hall of Fame! Vote here▶
12.3.2015: Peter, Pavel and Marek from #PavelHaasQuartet greets you from @SupraphonCZ balcony with new album poster!
6.3.2015: Vivat Tango nominated for the best violoncello album of 2014! You can vote here ▶
5.1.2015: Would you like to see @GramophoneMag Award 2014 winners #PavelHaasQuartet live? Check their actual tourdates ▶
23.12.2014: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!
10.12.2014: Check newly established YouTube Channel dedicated to @martinuofficial and his works released by Supraphon ▶
1.12.2014: Check our interview with Pavel Sporcl about his new album Gipsy Fire ▶
16.10.2014: Today we’re marking the 335th birth anniversary of Jan Dismas Zelenka! ▶
8.9.2014: Read more about Pavel Haas Quartet #GramoAward winning and their plans for autumn season ▶
15.7.2014: Wondering what does Paul Hindemith mean to Jitka Hosprová? Check our interview and explore more about her new album ▶
19.6.2014: Look at few pictures from the live recording of #PavelSporcl and Gipsy Way Ensemble upcoming album Gipsy Fire!
30.5.2014: Martinů Voices chorusmaster Lukáš Vasilek speaks about their Supraphon debut Jan Novák: Testamentum / Choral Works ►
30.4.2014: Read our interview with Jan Klusák about his new double album Inventions, methods of composing and more... ►
24.4.2014: Watch our video from release party of album #VivatTango! ►
23.3.2014: Read our interview with Jitka Čechová and Jiří Vodička from #SmetanaTrio about new album ►
19.3.2014: Explore more about our upcoming release of Dagmar Pecková - Dreams ►
28.2.2014: Read our interview with #Collegium1704 conductor Václav Luks about their new album ►
24.2.2014: Our brand new release honouring the diva Jarmila Novotná is already available via #iTunes ►
21.2.2014: Check our video from the meeting of #PavelHaasQuartet with journalists at the Church of St. Lawrence in Prague ►
14.2.2014: Find out more about our upcoming commemorative album Jarmila Novotna - Opera recital ►
4.2.2014: Find out more about our Music from Eighteen-Century Prague edition ►
30.1.2014: Read more about our new release Il Violino Boemo ▶
27.1.2014: Discover the fascinating world of czech baroque music with violinist Lenka Torgersen and new album Il Violino Boemo ►
14.1.2014: Check our short interview with #LenkaTorgersen about her upcoming album Il Violino Boemo ▶
6.1.2014: Sixth instalment of the “coloured series” mapping Dvořák’s chamber music reviewed by Michael Magercord (german only)▶
1.1.2014: Happy new year dear Supraphon Classics fans!
17.12.2013: How does #PavelHaasQuartet sound live? Find out in review by @guardian ▶
31.10.2013: Do you like cover of the new issue of Czech magazine "Harmonie"? We do... ►
25.10.2013: Read our comprehensive interview with #DvořákTrio about their debut album and many more ►
17.10.2013: Check very favourable review of new #PavelHaasQuartet album written by Harriet Smith from #Gramophone ►
3.9.2013: Check interview with #PavelHaasQuartet about their upcoming album, cooperation with Danjulo Ishizaka and more ►
26.8.2013: Remembering Wolfgang Savallisch (26.8.1923 – 22.2.2013) who would celebrate his 90th birthday today. #wolfgangsavallisch #classicalmusic
20.8.2013: Discover more about our Russian Masters Series ► #supraphonnews #classicalmusic
12.8.2013: Welcome to the official Supraphon Classics Twitter account and follow us to get the latest news about our upcoming releases and many more.


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